Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Magebee?

Magebee is an online web service helping merchants and developers to track their store availability and other metrics including security posture.

Our working bees are spidering your site for inconsistencies and bad practices.

2. Why do we scan you?

We scan your store to inform you ahead of time about well-known Magento security holes.

Such vulnerabilities may be introduced by developers and system administrators at any time as well be a part of application itself.

Additionally we track your store availability and average page load time.

Such data will indicate how well is your store performing over given period of time and whether its performance is degrading or not.

3. Won't it cause any harm?

No. We run passive requests in a read-only mode which won't modify your shop in any way.

4. Aren't you helping hackers?

No. Our primary goal is to inform you as a store owner ahead of time to minimise business risks and increase safety.

We inform of what is wrong, not how to exploit it.

5. How often do you scan me?

Registered users are scanned on a daily basis by assessing availability and up-time once in a 2 minutes ( 1-2 requests ).

Security scans are performed once a day for registered users ( up to 50 requests ).

6. How to avoid from being scanned?

Just drop us a line and we will exclude your website from our scanning queue.

7. From which region am I being tested?

At the moment your website is tested from Ireland (EU).

8. Why am I getting false positives?

Make sure to open your website in a browser using incognito mode to ensure it works fine ( test in at least two, for example Chrome & Firefox ).

If it does, check your up-time history or review latest development activities which may have influenced website's availability.

Ensure you are not blocking our service by a security filters. This includes custom WAF or cloud based ( Cloudflare, Sucuri etc. )

If that is not the case then please feel free to contact us.


It is our main priority to deliver precise and accurate probing results.

Since every Magento store is unique we can not guarantee 100% accurate results - we work hard to cover most of the differences.

To confirm validity of our probing results, please always consult your developer as there might be false positives or negatives.