About us


This story is about hundreds of small and medium-sized Magento stores as well as about top brands running Magento such as Jaguar, LandRover, New York Times, Walmart and Mitsubishi that our team was building and maintaining in Scandiweb since 2009.

We became the largest Magento integrator, but we were suffering from the problem - after years of trying different uptime monitoring tools we could not find the right one to treat uptime of our Magento stores correctly.

How to protect and grow a multi-million dollar eCommerce revenues for our customers?


In response to these pains, the adventure of Magebee started. Our developer wrote a Magento-specific monitoring and alert script that he used for the projects of his team. And it was inspiring enough to get a team of enthusiasts for a weekend-long hackathon where we developed an app from this prototype.

However, we failed because we simply lacked the skills to make it stable across minute by minute checks for thousands of different stores out there.

The team was demotivated, the app was not usable and the customers were complaining. We were close to writing Magebee off as a sad experiment, but two of our developers decided to accept the challenge and bring the success and peace of mind to thousands of Magento merchants.


The guys had to throw away all the code written before and it took them half a year to build the first working version of Magebee and now there was Magento-specific tool giving no false positives.

It took another few months to gather feedback and iterate. Finally, the app was released and we are proud it scores high in the Magento community what was born from an internal real problem is a tremendously successful product!

Dogfooding helps Magebee to rapidly include features as we use it internally on 500 stores and have more than 1,000 merchants joining shortly after launch providing their feedback.

Get our specialist Magento Bees work for your store!

Enjoy 30 days free trial and share your story about how Magebee improves business and brings you a peace of mind. Let us know of any feature requests and call for improvements you have!